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Why Does Every Business Need a Good Writer?

Every business needs a good writer because writing quality can either make or break a business. Whether that writing is in the form of a front landing page, product description, blog post or sales letter - Plus, that writing works as the front house of your business and represents your brand.

The writing that you use for your business also influences many factors such as SEO, traffic, engagement, leads and most of all, sales.

So if you want to reach your marketing goals, you must never compromise on hiring a top-quality writer. 

What Exactly Will My Business Gain From You?

I will tailor every project on your marketing needs. 

I can help to:

  • Boost SEO & Traffic

  • "Polish" Your Overall Brand Image

  • Generate More High-Quality Leads

  • Increase Organic Engagement

  • Build a Deep Rapport With Your Target Audience

  • Gain More Sales Through My Persuasive Writing Tone & CTA's

  • Not Only Will I Help to Boost Traffic, But I Will Also Help You to Gain Repeat Visitors Through Content With True Value

What Type Of Writing Projects Do You Offer?

I offer a range of writing projects such as:

  • Blog Posts

  • Listicles

  • Long-Form Articles

  • Landing Pages

  • Product/Travel Guides & Brochures

  • Sales Letters (Coming Soon!)

What Writing Experience Do You Have?

I am a native British writer with 6+ years of experience in academic writing. Plus, I have been writing for businesses for 2 years now and that includes agency work.

I've written for a range of health businesses, travel and food blogs.

And yes, English is my mother-tongue!

What Niches & Areas of Writing Do You Specialise in?

I can write about a wide range of niches and no topic is out of bounds!

However, I particularly excel in writing within these niches:

  • Psychology

  • Business

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Travel 

  • Health

  • Food

  • Education 

  • Sales & eCommerce 

What Kind of Clients Do You Work For? Do I Fit The Bill?

As long as you're a small brand or business who cares more about quality rather than just quantity. 

But in some rare cases, there will be some topics that I cannot cover. So if I genuinely believe that I cannot add value to your business or help you, I will let you know right away.

I won't go through with any projects or waste a client's time if I believe that the quality will be compromised. 

What Are Your Rates?

My rates are based on each individual project.

These rates are based on how long it'll take me to complete and edit, the amount of research I have to and the chosen topic.

Why Should I Hire You When I Could Hire A Much Cheaper Writer Elsewhere?

Because cheap writers focus more on quantity rather than quality. Plus, if you're paying a writer peanuts, they won't be motivated to put 100% dedication and care into their work. Why? Because they'll be cranking out many other articles as fast as possible to increase their hourly rate and to just about make a livable income.

For example, if you paid a writer £10 to write up a 1000 word article, they would have to rush to complete the article within an hour to earn minimum wage. So the chances are that the article would be poorly researched, generic, surface-level and littered with errors. In addition to this, there will be a ton of editing that needs doing which will not only waste your money but will also waste your time and cause you more hassle.

However, with my services, I only work on one individual project at a time. So your project will get my full attention, care and a lot more time and love put into it! In turn, you'll receive work that has more depth, clarity and a lot more flair.

But Can't I Just Order Bulk Content From A Content Mill For A Lot Less?

Yes, you can. But the quality will be very low and the writing will be stuffed with SEO jargon. 

Because with most content mills, written content produced by these platforms will be full of fluff and excessive SEO keywords - Which will look unnatural and affect your business negatively. Plus, excessive SEO keyword spam and bulk content can get you banned from Google.  

Finally, content mills also take a big chunk out of your money as the "middleman". So it's better to remove the middleman and spend money on quality content that really matters!

Can't I Also Hire A Much Cheaper Writer On Freelancing Bidding Sites?

Yes, you can but this is the same as content mills. Because freelancing platforms take a huge cut out of your money when you list projects. 

Plus, the writing quality from many clients on these platforms is extremely poor and difficult to read. So you honestly get what you pay for! 

How Does The Payment Process Work?

You will get sent an invoice via PayPal/Quickbooks once you've accepted a quote.

You can process a full payment or deposit via PayPal or Escrow.

I also require 100% upfront for all projects.

What Type of Payments Do You Accept? And How Do I Know Whether My Payments Are Safe?

I only accept payments through PayPal and Escrow. As a client, you will be 100% covered by these platforms by law.

Would I Be Much Safer Processing My Payments Through Freelancing Platforms & Content Mills? These Are More Trusted Platforms, Right?

Wrong! Because many payments are processed via PayPal and Escrow on freelancing sites and content mills anyway. So essentially these platforms don't do anything to protect you as a client. Essentially, all they do is hold onto your money until the work has been completed.

Plus, these platforms act as "Middle Men". What this means is that they add on hefty project fees to use their platform and take a whopping cut out of those - Making you as a client lose money. 

Also, there have been horror stories of clients getting scammed and platforms shutting down client's profiles before they have received any work. 

However, if you make a booking with me for a project you'll be covered by a contract and PayPal/Escrow.

What Is The Process Of Working on a Project With you?

Feel free to fill in the form at the bottom of the page for a free personalised quote. This will help me gain a better understanding of your business, marketing goals and needs.

Once you have accepted your quote and paid upfront, we can communicate via e-mail or on the Slack platform to ensure that you're getting exactly what you paid for and expected.

Plus, I will make sure to touch base with you regularly. I will also send over my content ideas and the project outline for your approval before I go ahead with writing up the full project. 

Once I have completed a piece or full batch of writing, I will send over the completed protected PDF file via Slack for approval. Then, once you're satisfied I can send over a Google docs version and you can publish the content as needed.

In addition to this, you have a maximum of two revisions to ensure that you're happy with the project outcome.

What Would Make Me Eligible For A 100% Refund? What if I Am Not Satisfied With This Service?

After 2 maximum revisions, if you're still not satisfied with a completed project - I will simply refund you 100% of your money via PayPal.

Because my client's happiness is also my happiness and I will not be happy unless you're 100% satisfied with the work that I provide. 

Plus, you're fully covered by PayPal/Escrow and a contract (for larger projects) making your purchase 100% risk-free.

How Do I Have Myself Covered Whilst Running A Writing Business?

I want to ensure that you're 100% happy with the work that I provide. However, I also have to take some safety precautions - Especially for new clients. 

So I will send over a watermarked PDF version of a project for approval. Once it's approved I will send over an unprotected Google docs file for your use. 

Please note that once the project has already been approved you can't claim the money-back guarantee. Plus, in the very rare occurrence that a client asks for their money back for ungenuine reasons and copies/publishes my work - I will find out through plagiarism tools and will open a case via PayPal. 

But if you're a genuine client, there is really no need to worry. Because my LinkedIn (attached in the top right-hand corner) and this platform is my reputation on the line.

Got More Questions?

Feel free to drop them over here.


Custom Writing Services for your Business

Showcase your business and generate leads the right way

Writing acts as the front of the house when it comes to your business and that can either make or break it. Which is why exceptional writing is vital! Especially when your business is on the line.

Whether it's written blog content, a long-form article, a front landing page or a sales letter - Every word counts!


So if you're currently stuck with words, you're in the right place. Because I offer specially tailored writing for your brand that will not only boost engagement but will also help generate leads and sales.

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